Coaching & Mentorship

I have been exactly where you currently are and want to help you avoid the mistakes that I made along the way.

1:1 Coaching Call

$350 — 1.5 HOURS ZOOM CALL

We can chat for over zoom call for 60-90 minutes BUT, the more the better! I'll answer any questions you have, literally ANYTHING!!
Nothing is off the table! It's the simplest of mentorships, but it's a great way to get you on your feet and in the right direction, ESPECIALLY if you're in need of some specific help with your specific situation. The topic could be weddings, editing, bookings, travel page or we could just geek about cameras. 

coming soon: Live Mentorship


These sessions are offered in the Vancouver area and are a way for you to get practical advice and experience with how I shoot weddings as well as addressing any questions or roadblocks you are having yourself. I will cater this experience to address your specific goals and needs as a professional with practical advice and guidance along the way.