We chose to engage Sutej for our wedding videography after seeing some teaser videos done by him. From the first conversation till the end, working with him was an absolutely seamless process. It was just one meeting and he understood exactly what we wanted. He was extremely professional in his work ethic, stuck to his timelines and very polite in his way of dealing. The final video is not just an amalgamation of the event but also a beautiful reflection of our relationship and the kind of people we are. All our friends and family are absolutely awed by his creation. Sutej, It was an absolute pleasure to have you as a part of our special moments. Thank you and best of luck !


Honestly I don’t know where to start writing this review from. Sutej is the most calm person you’ll ever meet. He is extremely professional and does things effortlessly. My husband and I had the pleasure of getting to see Sutej work! We gave him just 10 mins for our portraits and the pictures have come out as if they’ve been shot with full planning and enough time. His editing style has a beautiful old world charm to it, the pictures look exceptionally beautiful. I wish we had recorded our reaction when we saw the wedding video! A three minutes trailer that captured and showed the best moments from the wedding. We actually relived our wedding in those three minutes! I really can’t thank Sutej and his team for all the effort they put in and for all the beautiful memories he captured which we will cherish for life. I wish him all the best for all the future ventures.


Sutej and his team were everything Ravie and I wanted for our wedding. The ease with which they blend right into the wedding scene was like having someone we knew for a very long time around. What I admired in the final photographs and videos was how well Sutej managed to capture true emotion and how well our personalities are expressed on camera. His most beautiful ability in my opinion is to make photographs look so effortless and to capture moments that evoke pure emotion. He’s easy to work with, extremely professional and unobtrusively takes his pictures always with a smile on his face. The end result is creativity that translates into pictures and memories so precious that Ravie and I, and our families will cherish forever and hopefully future generations will look at and say “Wish we can look as beautiful as you both did on your wedding day!” Blessings and love, and all the best for the future Sutej, hope we left an imprint on your heart the way you have left one on ours. 


Sutej was wonderful to work with and our wedding photos turned out like a dream. His easy-going, flexible nature made him extremely low key to work with. He found really good spots at our venue to take photos and was so great at telling us how to pose in ways that didn’t look too unnatural and awkward. His candid shots are incredible and he really captured the love and pure joy of the day. Sutej’s edits are Fantastic. We really loved the way he made us laugh to get energetic pictures. They are beautiful and it’s nice to have a mixture of photos in our gallery. The best part is his punctuality. He reached on time and then delivered the pictures on time. Our photos turned out really good and we will cherish them forever! Thank you so much Sutej! You’re the best!


The dream of every new bride is to have the perfect wedding. But it doesn’t end there. It is equally important to relive those memories every now and then, Sutej pannu fulfils that. He is very passionate about his work, and it shows in his pictures. He can create beautiful photographs that are real, and have so much meaning for the couple getting clicked. Sutej did our Save the date shoot, he made such an amazing and heartwarming video for us, i am not exaggerating even one bit. Sutej does his work with so much patience and love, it’s beautiful! Best wishes to him :)


It was one of the best decisions I have made! Sutej’s enthusiasm and warmth were infectious and immediately made us feel as if he were a part of our family. Both my fiancé and I are relatively camera shy and inspite of that Sutej managed to get some beautiful and animated shots, which I will cherish for years to come. What really, Sutej apart for me is his lens, not his camera but his unique ability to capture even the most fleeting yet the most precious moments. While we were very happy with all the photos, he is the first photographer to capture my grandmother laughing sans abandon on camera and without being told to do so he made sure to get a picture of my dog, ensuring that we have the best memories of the special day. I would love to work with him again in the future and would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for authenticity with old world charm. 

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